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Twisted T Farm
Patrick and Rachel Turo

Twisted T Farm is a mineral dense, chemical free farm that is working towards re-imagining the future of produce from a regenerative agriculture perspective. They provide mineral dense vegetables and elderberry syrup as well as other farm fresh and handcrafted goods such as salsas, jams, syrups, freeze-dried produce, soap, chicken eggs and duck eggs. The farm was established in 2013 as a way of homesteading, and has been steadily growing every since. They employ several different experimental and traditional gardening techniques on their farm, which are open for the public to view through demonstrations. They primarily do this as a way of educating the public as they are passionate about helping anyone who is interested in regenerative agriculture and permaculture. 

Farmer Patrick grew up in The Woodlands and had three master gardeners as neighbors who fostered his love for gardening at a young age. He also participated in FFA (Future Farmers of America) from 2001 -2005, and during that time he joined in various animal projects. Patrick graduated from Sam Houston State University with an Agricultural Business Degree and he is organic certified in the state of Texas.

Rachel grew up in Bedias on a 120 acre beef cattle ranch where she was active in the daily routines of the ranch. She worked at her family's flower shop all through high school and college. This was where she first found her passion for all things flowers. She soon graduated from Sam Houston State University with an Agriculture Business degree where she won 3rd place in a national agricultural competition. 

MFM Commentary:

Twisted T Farm is truly a crystal-clear representation of what MFM stands for and fights for. They are not only absolutely committed to the mission of regenerative farming and organic practices, beyond this they are extremely knowledgable and experienced, and are outside-the-box thinkers with a flare for going against the grain. It a world where the mainstream has become less and less trustworthy, these are valuable and admirable traits! We are excited about their future as they scale the size of their operation and expand their product line to include pork products from heritage pigs raised with a non-gmo, no soy and no corn feed sourced from an organically practicing producer. They also raise a large number of turkeys every year specifically to provide our community with access to healthy birds for Thanksgiving! Be sure to check out their booth year round at MFM for access to their seasonal produce and other products.

The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm
Dr. Tom & Evangeline Reed

The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm was born out of the wonderful experiences we had when we used to take our 5 children blueberry picking every year when they were growing up. It was a wonderful family time with such great memories, and so we decided to provide the same opportunity for other families in our community! In 2014 we began by putting our first 1,000 plants in the ground, and today we have 7,300 organically managed blueberry bushes with plans for other crops as well.  We use only organic, all-natural fertilizers like fish emulsion and molasses, and no chemical pesticides or herbicides.

As physician/educators turned blueberry farmers, we both have a passion for passion for healthy, nutrient dense foods, and for helping others catch the vision of the healing power of nutrition.  To that end, we manage a local healthy food Azure Standard coop, raw milk driving coop, and though the Farmer's Market is our son's project, we are excited to be a part of this endeavor as well. We hope you'll stop by and say hello at our booth and take a look at the list of healthy lifestyle classes/events we offer. We'll also be doing mini-pop-up classes on a variety of topics at the farmer's market. We are excited to bring you blueberries in season, some organic produce from Azure Standard once a month, and sometimes some yummy homemade baked goods.  

MFM Commentary:

We are so proud at MFM to have our roots in this incredible farm. The Reed family has been educating the greater Houston area for over 15 years on health and wellness and toxin-free living, and now they are able to touch even more lives as they reach the Montgomery community through MFM! Tom and Evangeline are constantly teaching classes, coaching people through various health concerns, and adding value to peoples lives everywhere they go. Be sure to stop by their tent (or the Azure Corner on the off season) to sign up for classes, book coaching sessions, and buy healthy baked goods or blueberries (when they're in season of course)!

The Jersey Barnyard
Ralph & Faith Frerich

Knowing your food source is becoming an important decision families make every day and shopping locally means you get to see where that food came from. As Faith and Ralph explain, “We don’t feed the world, just our close friends and neighbors.”

Four generations of the Frerichs family has been milking Jersey cows just outside La Grange for over 65 years - that means we've milked cows over 47,500 times!! Presently, approximately 100 cows are milked twice every day at the farm. We also farm 740  acres for pasture and hay. To our family, and everyone here at the dairy, farming is an every day career that is both enjoyable and demanding. The Jersey Barnyard offers 100% Grass-fed Grade A raw milk, 100% grass-fed and finished beef, Pastured eggs, farm-raised pastured pork, local honey, organic free-trade coffee, raw-milk cheese, and the list keeps growing. Our family farm is open to the public, so if you are interested in where your food is coming from do not hesitate to jump in the car and make the drive. We love to have visitors and show off our passion of healthy food and farming!

MFM: Commentary:

One of the values that MFM holds most highly is that raw milk is one of the best foods the we can provide to our bodies. That is why we are so excited to be partnering with The Jersey Barnyard to bring raw, local milk from completely grass-fed A2A2 Jersey cows to the Montgomery community. Due to the laws in Texas regarding the sale of raw milk we are unable to provide on-site sales at MFM, however you can pre-order on the Jersey Barnyards website and have it delivered to MFM the next Saturday! The cut-off day for ordering is Tuesday in the evening each week. Any orders put in after this time will be delivered the following week! Please make sure to choose Montgomery Farmers Market from the drop down menu when choosing your pickup location!

The Serenity Homestead
Stacy and Jason Cotton

The Serenity Homestead started when Jason and Stacy Cotton wanted to eat healthier. They adopted their first chickens, enjoyed the bounty of eggs, and realized they had an abundance. The Serenity Homestead was born. Whether it's fresh eggs or raw honey from their beehives, they wanted to share their home-grown goodness with others.

Wanting to expand their offerings, they've partnered with Downe Wholesome Beef to bring you spectacular cuts of beef. This beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Stacy and Jason are happy to bring a variety of delicious cuts of beef as well as any extra yard eggs they have to the market--however it really helps them plan for cooler space when you pre-order! See link below for their preording page on their website and select "Montgomery Farmers Market" as you delivery choice! 

MFM: Commentary:

Pastured meats are one. of our core values here at Montgomery Farmers Market. Grass fed and grass-finished beef is not easy to find in the stores--and when you don't know your farmer,  you really don't know for sure that the package contains what it says it does. The Cottons provide amazing quality healthy beef products, including livers and other organs that are hard to find and here you can be sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for! We are so excited to have Serenity Homestead on our list of regular weekly vendors--the Cotton family has been a big help to the market in lots of ways and we know you'll love their beef!