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Raw Milk
The Jersey Barnyard
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Grass Fed/Finished Beef
Timberlake Farms - The Serenity Homestead

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Pasture-Raised Chicken
The Cahoots Project

About Us

Montgomery Farmers Market brings together a select group of naturally-oriented farmers, ranchers, and food manufacturers from all over the North Houston region into a collective of vendors that are intent on one thing - providing the purest and most nutritious foods possible to our local community. We do this by educating and inspiring vendor candidates and customers alike in the dangers of the thousands of toxic chemicals prevalent in the modern food supply chain, how to avoid the practices that lead to this contamination, and how they can learn to optimize their production methods to foster the highest level of nutrient density. We’re not just a market, we’re a food revolution.

Other Market Features
Seasonal Crafts

Have some fun with your family and friends by participating in our seasonal crafts! We provide all the supplies - you just have fun. Kid friendly options are always available!

Live Music

Take a break from shopping, talking, and crafting to relax and listen to some live outdoor music while you sip or snack. You'll hear a few songs you know, and a few new ones too!

Pop Up Classes

At the heart of MFM is the desire to educate. We want to share the collective knowledge this community has on topics like homesteading, health/wellness, and more.