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Vendor List & Updates
Listed below on this page is a complete list of our current active vendors, and a brief description of what they have to offer the community! Each vendor has their own attendance schedule (whether that be weekly, bi-weekly, once a month or a more random attendance schedule) and the best way to know for sure which vendors will be attending each week as well as what products they'll be bringing is by entering your name and email below to receive our weekly newsletter!

If you have questions about a particular vendor or would like to get in contact with them, please reach out to us using the "Contact Us" tab! Many of our vendors also have pre-ordering options, and you can find more info about that on our "Pre-Ordering Page". Pease also know that each vendor follows our strict "all organic" standards. If you'd like to learn more about our standards and vetting process, please read the information provided on the "Become A Vendor" page!

Twisted T 
Patrick & Rachel Turo

Twisted T Farm offers a variety of canned goods, seasonings, handmade soaps, freeze dried goods, honey sticks, in addition to pasture raised chicken and duck eggs, seasonal produce, various cuts of pastured raised turkey meat, and honey harvested from their own farm hives.

The Jersey
Ralph & Faith Frerichs

The Jersey Barnyard offers raw milk, cream and other dairy products, as well as pastured chicken eggs, pork, grass fed beef, pastured chicken, and various other products. Their Jersey dairy cows are 100% grass fed and only supplemented with unsprayed hay!

The Serenity
Jason & Stacey Cotton

The Serenity Homestead offers 100% grass fed beef cuts from cows raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones or vaccines. They also offer pastured eggs, local honey, and organic seasoning. 

Glenda Issac

Jardin Botanico offers a selection of skincare, haircare  and household products that are formulated with carefully selected and organically sourced ingredients such as soaps, hard shampoo & conditioner, lotions, shower steamers, laundry sprays, and more.

Pizza By
The Crust
Russell Van Patten

Pizza By The Crust offers par-baked sourdough pizza crusts made with certified organic ingredients that are ready-to-bake. Soon they hope to offer on-site pizza slices and possibly pizza kits as well!

Hydroponic Garden
Jeannene Hall

Bougie’s Hydroponic Garden offers a wide variety of microgreens and various types of hydroponically grown produce including hydroponically grown lettuce varieties, basil plants and tomatoes and more!

Pop Notch
Marin Meadows

Pop Notch Popcorn offers specialty popcorn that is made with 100% certified organic ingredients! Their usual flavors include: Cheesy Kapow, Chocolate Popcorn, Golden Cinnamon Swirl, Lemon on the Cob, Just Plain Popcorn, and Really Big Dill. 

Breezy Hill
Sustainable Farm
Joe & Kim Welge

Breezy Hill Sustainable Farm offers a wide variety of aquaponically grown lettuce varieties including romaine and butter lettuce. They also provide Tilapia filets harvested from their aquaponic operation upon request.

Forest Foods
Don & Jen Johnson

Greenwood Forest Foods offers various canned goods and lacto-fermented products such as jams, salsas, kimchi, ketchup and mustard, hazelnut spread and much more, as well as cold pressed nut oils and a wide variety of mushrooms, such as lion’s mane, oyster and chestnut. 

Bee Farm
Cyrus & Sandi Nasr

Hive Bee Farm offers local honey harvested from hives placed on organically practicing farms all over the north Houston area. Their products include seasonally harvested honey (gallons, half gallons, quarts, pints, cups) bourbon barrel aged honey, honeycomb, and bee pollen. 

Lost Pines
Coffee Co.
Kimberly Olmanson

Lost Pines Coffee Co. offers premium single origin certified organic whole bean arabica coffee beans that are freshly roasted right before market every week. They also have their coffee on-site freshly brewed for sampling.

Josh & Angie Reynolds

Angie’s Gardens offers a wide selection of herbal tea blends made with certified organic ingredients which are designed to aid in specific areas of health and wellness, as well as CBD tinctures, salves, chocolates, and various other products.

New Legacy
Nut Butters
Zach, Traci and Soren Coston

New Legacy Nut Butters offers various nut butters made with organic nuts - and nothing else! They carry peanut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter, with plans to expand to others as well.

Caryn Rock

Efflorescent Elixirs offers delicious on-site beverages and  take-home syrups that are both delicious and full of health-promoting ingredients such as adaptogens and apple cider vinegar. They also provide bulk take-home beverage options!

Vicki Selover

Longhorn Pottery offers a wide selection of hand crafted, food safe pottery items that are absolutely stunning, including such items as tea cup sets, wine carafes, ramen bowls, butter bells, plates, jewelry organizers, and much more.

Peach Creek
Kurt & Betty Sonntag

Peach Creek Poultry offers various cuts of pastured-raised chicken that have been fed a soy and corn free, non-GMO feed from an organically practicing source. They’re product list includes breasts, wings, drumsticks, thighs, whole chickens, livers, and more!

Texas Sugar 
Lauren Stewart

Texas Sugar Fluff offers a truly rare find: on-site and take home bags of hand-spun cotton candy made with 100% certified organic ingredients. Organic ALWAYS means no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners!

The Strong Family

HummingBird Bakery offers delicious artisan and sandwich loaves of sourdough bread made with certified organic wheat and local ingredients! In addition, they also offer on-site grilled cheeses most weeks, and occasional limited specialty baked goods as well!

Zo-Zo Fresh
Anastasia Taggart

Zo-Zo Fresh offers a collection of carefully formulated juices blends made with organically sourced fruits, vegetables and nuts which are specifically designed to nourish cleanse, and heal! They also offer unique “wellness shots” and larger package discounts.

Ro Wisdom

Wisdom Wilderness offers a wide variety of tallow-based herb infused soaps and lotions in addition to other skin care a bath products such as milk baths, calendula infusions, lip balms, and much more!

Salt & Honey
Gourmet Foods
Jordan & Ashley Fleming

Salt and Honey offers hand-rolled organic flour and corn tortillas made with organic real butter and Celtic sea salt, in addition to organic vanilla extract and organic on-site honey mint tea made with local honey and fresh mint leaves!

A Better Way
Mike Bodenstein

A Better Way Beef offers various cuts of 100% grass fed beef from cows never given antibiotics, hormones, steroids or vaccines, including ground beef, steaks, roasts, organ meats, and much more!

A Better Bean
Coffee Co.
Morgan Holly

A Better Bean Coffee Co offers on-site, certified organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and various other drinks, in addition to biscotti and other baked goods made with certified organic ingredients!

Superior Farms
Michelle Owens

Superior Farms Willis offers a membership to a herd share program in which customers can pick up fresh or frozen raw goat’s milk in addition to various other goat’s milk products including cheeses, soaps, kefir, yogurt and more!

Antonia's Comfort
Jaqueline Garrison

Antonias Comfort Cuisine offers a wide variety of chef-prepared foods made with certified organic and/or local ingredients, including kaiser rolls, empanadas, breads, cinnamon rolls and biscuits, in addition to various canned goods such as sauces, jams and pickled goods!

Einkorn Kitchen &
A Modern Homestead
Victoria Pruett

A Modern Homestead/The Einkorn Kitchen will be offering over 15 varieties of produce grown using organic practices in the spring, as well as a wide range of organic einkorn baked goods such as cookies, brownies, cake mixes, stuffing and more!